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I don’t have to convince you that Google rewards sites that receive consistent, high-quality, one-way backlinks with higher rankings. But actually implementing a consistent backlink strategy is close to impossible for the average marketer. Who actually takes the time to write quality articles, rewrites them and then distribute them consistently throughout the week? If you’re like most people, by day 2 or 3 you’re ready to throw in the towel.

If you’ve been struggling to get backlinks, we’ve got the ultimate hands-off, turn-key solution. We’ve streamlined the article creation process AND discovered the best way to maximize the distribution of each article so that you get the most links possible.

Introducing Your Very Own Phenomenal Make Backlinks Solution…

We will create and distribute high-quality articles on a consistent basis – you can choose a daily (M-F), every other day (M-W-F) or weekly distribution schedule. Each article will contain 1 or 2 of your links – we can rotate as many URLs and keywords as you like! For our popular Full service with daily distribution, that’s a minimum of 22,000 backlinks per month and we’re being super conservative on the distribution numbers (see details below).

Take a look at the quality of the type of articles that will backlink to your site/blog. Click Here!

Now that your back from checking the quality of the articles lets get on with the details.

Essentially the more sites you can get links from, the better.

In article distribution that means putting your links in a wide variety of articles. That will spread links across the greatest number of sites possible and Google will discover new links from sites that have never linked to you before. And THAT is good. I recommend this strategy for all clients regardless of the target URL or anchor text.

Won’t that look like spam? Well, my answer might be “to whom?” Let’s be blunt. This service is not intended to drive direct visitors to your website. It is intended to get a high volume of quality backlinks to your website. You might get direct visitors as a byproduct, but the content of the articles really isn’t intended to attract buyers interested in reading about your product or service.

If you’re just in it for the backlinks, why do you even bother writing high quality articles? Good question. Article distribution, when done correctly, is a win-win situation for link builders and blog owners. Blog owners get fresh content and link builders get, well, fresh new links. A high quality article means that more blog owners will approve the post and that means more links for you!

What About Google’s Algorithm Changes Such As Panda?

Phenomenal MBL Backlink Solution is Panda Friendly and for that matter, Google Friendly. These links have continued to perform well through every Google algorithm update since at least 2008.

Especially the most recent update in 2011. Why? Because they’re the type of links that Google values. A webmaster has chosen to publish your article. You aren’t hijacking someone’s site without their permission.

Your Links

Each distributed article will contain 1 or 2 of your links. You can use as few or as many URL and keyword combinations as you like. We can easily spin your URLs and keywords and rotate their display throughout the month. If you’ve got very competitive keywords, this service will be most effective if you focus on 2 URLs with 2 corresponding anchor text keyword phrases. If your keywords are less competitive, we’re happy to rotate hundreds of URLs and keywords for your site (VERY helpful for local search marketing – hint, hint).


Each article is distributed across multiple paid article services including ArticleRanks (blog network), Unique Article Wizard (blog network & article directories) and Article Blueprint (private network).

In my experience, you can expect the following distribution from these services:

75 – ArticleRanks (AR)
350 – Unique Article Wizard (UAW)
450 – Article Blueprint (AB)
875 – Total Average Distribution for Each Article

Each article is distributed to an average of 875 blogs and article directories. Once added to each network, the article will post gradually to the sites in each network at a rate of approximately 25 to 50 sites per day, per network. If you prefer a different posting rate, just let us know. Otherwise, we’ll keep the default rate for the service.

Like I said above, I want to be super conservative. Not all articles will be published at all blogs or directories. However, I KNOW the articles will be published at the 450+ private blogs in the AB network and I’ve never had an article published less than 50 times between the AR and UAW networks. So, I chose 500 as the minimum basis for article distribution. BUT, depending on the article categories, there is a very good chance that each article will be distributed 700 to 1000 times. Can we say “BONUS”!!

Weekly Reports

How do you know we’re doing the work? You’ll receive:

A copy of every rewritten article that we create for you weekly.

Link reports:

Blog networks like to keep their member blogs secure. To this end, they do not give you a list of URLs for your specific post. BUT using a special link tracking strategy, we provide a link report for approximately 5% or more of articles distributed. That’s an average of 1000+ exact URLs where your link is posted each month. What can you do with those URLs? Use them with indexing services, backlink boosting services, or simple due diligence. You will receive the link report weekly along with the copy of your articles.

BONUS: FREE Link Indexing Service

We’ll take your link report one step further with our FREE indexing service. Search engines do a fairly good job of finding and crediting new links on their own, but our indexing service helps the search engines find and credit the links in your report even faster. You’ll get a nice boost in new links and there will be tons more for the search engines to find naturally. The best of both worlds!

Each week, we will promote the backlinks from your weekly report. We will then check to see which backlinks have been indexed and which ones still need some help. Those that have already been indexed will be removed from the rotation and those that have not been indexed will continue to receive new links until they are found and counted.

I’m well aware the price for the 22,000 backlinks may be cost prohibitive to some. Therefore, I have also prepared an opportunity for those that need less expensive backlinks to be able to do so.

You will be able to get 12,000 backlinks for half the price of the 22,000 and 5000 backlinks for half the cost of the 12,000 backlinks.

As this is an online service and as such, you will benefit from this service as long as you have your site on the internet. No Refunds will be issued and this statement is in compliance with the PayPal policy regarding no refunds for online services.

It is with regret I must limit this service to 35 orders only. (Don’t worry about losing your place each month you simply go here and you will have your place locked in every month).

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a personal e-Mail confirming your purchase from 1articleaday.com <ken.leatherman @ gmail.com> (please whitelist or add to your contacts) within a few minutes after placing your order.


22,000 Phenomenal MBL Backlinks Solution

12,000 Phenomenal MBL Backlinks Solution

5000 Phenomenal MBL Backlinks Solution

Thanks for your order and I’m looking forward to helping you increase the ranking in your site.

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